Our Activities

AAAS Foundation

Women Empowerment:

Women of the rural areas of Punjab don’t have any way to earn something of their own; we try to train them. We arrange a seminar on ‘women empowerment’ to make poor women self-dependent. The objective of the seminar was to discuss the role of self-help groups in women empowerment. In the seminar, social experts had shared their views on this topic and about 50 participants including the members of SHGs had also shared their experiences regarding the issue of women empowerment as well as the short out problem with the help of self-help groups.

Rural Development:

The rural areas of Punjab are facing some serious issues and AAAS Foundation is focused to solve those issues. We surveyed the areas and found that people are illiterate, unaware of the basic facilities of health, education, and human rights. Problems like poor sanitation, poor hygiene, dirty water, and poor health are seen everywhere. We arrange health camps where people get free health checkups, free vaccinations, etc. arrange educational camps and empower women and youth to choose other career options. We also provide information about scientific agriculture and husbandry helping people in developing their agricultural and economic status.

Awareness On Drug:

Drug Addiction is the most killing issue that is ruining the lives of young children; we start a drug awareness camp. The society has decided to arrange more drug de-addiction camps to raise awareness about drugs. Addiction like drinking alcohol, drinking and taking drugs, etc. is making the future of our youth devastated and leading into a life of frustration. The volunteers of our society will roam into villages to raise consciousness about the effects of smoking and drinking. They make posters and banners to make the presentation of awareness.

Youth Empowerment:

Youths of Punjab are destroying their lives over drugs; AAAS Foundation encourages them toward sports like cricket. A major problem faced by educated Youth in rural areas is the lack of available employment opportunities in local areas. It results in frustration and consequent migration. If rural youth get adequate opportunities for taking up gainful ventures at the local level, they would not be able to improve the well being but also can contribute to the economy. Self-employment is the only possible situation for this problem. A small step was taken by us in a remote village of the Pathankot District that has proved to be a significant milestone in this

situation. AAAS Foundation aims to transform rural youth to acquire a productive identity through short duration interventions which include motivation and training. We also started cricket coaching classes and arranged tournaments to make the youth engaged in physical activities.

Care for Old People:

Elder persons of every family are now lonely and need extra care; we are here to help them in any of their needs. The senior citizens of our society are often neglected. Sometimes, they are thrown out of their family. Their near and dear ones didn’t like them. They will feel lonely and due to age, they will not be able to work anymore. For these reasons, we have created a helping unit for the aged people; where we help them to get admitted to the hospital, take them to health camps, and offer other help.