About Us

AAAS Foundation

AAAS Foundation is a voluntary social service organization for social action and economic development in an integrated way. The word AAAS is a Hindi word which means (Umeed) “Hope” in English. The organization was established by the initiative of a kind-hearted and sensitive person named Mr. Ashwani Kumar who tries to provide assistance and support towards the betterment of the landless poor people, who are deprived, exploited, and lead their life in deplorable condition. He also initiated a Social Service Bureau to help the distressed to regain self-confidence and new strength and hence besides trying for the government help. The method adopted was to listen to them, to give a patient hearing to their suffering, and to make them feel that there was somebody to listen to them. This was done

through human relations, personal attention, and counseling with the deserving people. The society started its activities in 2019 and was registered in the same year under the Registration Act., XXI 1860 based on their activities. As of now, our activities are focused on the Pathankot area for women empowerment, rural development, spread awareness over drug and youth empowerment; in the future, we are planning to spread our activities all over in Punjab to provide better facilities to poor villagers.

As we move ahead, we stand committed to our values and strive to reach the unreached to change the health and nutrition scenario of vulnerable communities’ in the world.

AAAS Foundation is Registered with the Registrar of Societies and the type of NGO is Trust (Non-Government) bearing the Society Registration Act, XXI of 1860 and the Registration Number is DIC/BTL51 2019-2020. We are also registered under FCRA and our FCRA number is 042000161. The city and state of registration are Pathankot and Punjab. The date of registration is 20/12/2019. Our Unique Id of VO/NGO is PB/2020/0251162.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve educational, social, and economic transformation for all youth and people towards an India where everyone has equal opportunities to access the quality of life.

Our Vision

AAAS Foundation works to empower young people and women, especially those from marginalized social groups, to take control of their health and that of their families and their communities.

Our Objective

With each other and the partners; in the expression of views and opinions, in work and use of resources, readiness for receiving and giving feedback, for an open and enabling work environment thus enhancing organizational integrity.