Future Plans

AAAS Foundation

Training Centre for Women:

AAAS Foundation is planning to arrange some vocational training and special courses for poor women of rural areas. The objective of the scheme is to give vocational training to poor housewives by providing training free of charge. Under this scheme, beneficiaries will be trained in driving, tailoring, repairing television and other electronic equipment, nursing, beautician courses, etc. On completion of the courses, beneficiaries will be given certificates. The Experienced trainers will be the nodal agency in charge of implementing the scheme. The syllabus for courses under this scheme will be made in line with the help of the administrative department. Distressed women will get vocational training for their upcoming business strategies.

Arrange Funds for Sports:

Sports make a person strong and fit enough that he/she can fight with any situation, sports also decreases stress. We are trying to arrange some tournaments of cricket in our area to encourage the youth so that they can leave the addiction of drugs and become physically active. We also have a plan to promote them to district level games through arranging a good amount of funds so that in future we can get some rising stars.

Low Cost Marriage Hall:


We are planning to establish two marriage halls in the Pathankot area which will be specially allocated for poor people. Marriage plays an important part in Indian Culture, especially in villages the ceremony is arranged like a holy thing. But as most of the people of villages are poor enough to arrange money for this ceremony and book a hall to do the rituals; they often get the ceremony done in an open area with restrictions. To provide them happiness and make them tension free about the place, our president is going to establish two marriage halls. The cost of these halls will be minimum so that every person can use the hall for their auspicious functions.