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Our Mission

We aim to achieve educational, social, and economic transformation for all youth and people towards an India where everyone has equal opportunities to access the quality of life.

Our Vision

AAAS Foundation works to empower young people and women, especially those from marginalized social groups, to take control of their health and that of their families and their communities.

Our Objective

With each other and the partners; in the expression of views and opinions, in work and use of resources, readiness for receiving and giving feedback, for an open and enabling work environment thus enhancing organizational integrity.

Our Impact

Women Empowered

Youth Empowered

Trees Planted

Books Distributed

About AAAS Foundation

AAAS Foundation is a voluntary social service organization for social action and economic development in an integrated way. The word AAAS is a Hindi word which means (Umeed) “Hope” in English. The organization was established by the initiative of a kind-hearted and sensitive person named Mr. Ashwani Kumar who tries to provide assistance and support towards the betterment of the landless poor people, who are deprived, exploited, and lead their life in deplorable condition. He also initiated a Social Service Bureau to help the distressed to regain self-confidence and new strength and hence besides trying for the government help.

“All we need is to build human relations with our deeds. That's the only thing that lasts forever.”

Nana Patekar

“It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

Mother Teresa

Volunteers don't necessarily have the TIME; they just have the HEART.”

Elizabeth Andrew

Main Projects

Rural Development

The rural areas of Punjab are facing some serious issues and AAAS Foundation is focused to solve those issues.

Awareness on Drug

Drug Addiction is the most killing issue that is ruining the lives of young children; we start a drug awareness cmp.

Youth Empowerment

Youths of Punjab are destroying their lives over drugs; AAAS Foundation encourages them toward sports like cricket.



President’s Message

Greetings from AAAS Foundation. 

We are a new NGO working in the rural areas of the Pathankot district of Punjab. We have started our journey on December 29th, 2019 and from then we are focused on rural development and the empowerment of local people. We are somehow managing to provide a better and sustainable life to the rural youth and women but we need a good amount of funds to fulfill our dreams. I hope that you can be our support and be volunteer members in our organization to take our activities to the next step. I hope we can fulfill our promises and do something extra to provide a healthy and happy life for the poor people of the Pathankot area.

Mr. Ashwani Kumar

President, AAAS Foundation